Heidy Romo Mua Festival Renacimiento

Theme A Renaissance of Wonder
Photographer: @elpaparazz
Model: @hazzatumbo
Headdress and styling handmade by @renew.style

Heidy Romo Mua Festival Renacimiento

Heidy Romo Mua Festival Renacimiento

Heidy Romo Mua Festival Renacimiento


I have been inspired by two great Renaissance artists, the artist Sandro Botticelli, in his first great works "Spring" and "The Birth of Venus" you can see all of Botticelli's interest in Roman Catholic iconography and Greek and Roman mythology.
I wanted to represent Venus, that goddess of pure bucolic love, nostalgic without taboo, more human and earthly, who in turn is the nymph of the flowers of the rebirth of Chloris.

In Michelangelo Buonarroti to develop the entire torso, arms and leg, representing that creative energy of the scene of the play "The Creation of Adam" is charged with an intense dynamism, accentuated by the undulating lines that cross the entire composition and that print a visual rhythm in the colors blue, green, gold and gold leaf. Likewise, it gains a certain sculptural sense thanks to the volume work of the body.

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Holographic paper technique on Lips.

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